Saturday, September 25, 2010

Prevent Flu and Pale Faces: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Niacin, Thiamine and VItamin A

Vitamin C is in the news again for causing a "miracle". Once again, the medical establishment is blamed and ridiculed, and ordinary people are let off the hook.

The miracle of the day is an incredible case of curing swine flu. A man allowed himself to become terminally ill from swine flu (by not taking vitamin C at the onset of his illness). The medical establishment also followed normal protocols and this man slid into a coma. Before taking him off life support, the family sued the hospital to force a trial of intravenous vitamin C at 100 g/day. The man made a full and rapid recovery. Here's a link to the video:

Click here,

There is no conspiracy. Doctors don't take vitamin C when they get sick and they don't recommend it for their children or grandchildren when these kids have cold after cold to the point of chronic pale faces with dark circles under the eyes. We go to doctors who believe the same things we do. I believe that vitamin C is a potent antiviral, and I act like I believe it. I have been spectacularly unsuccessful at getting others to give large doses of vitamin C to their children like I did for mine.

The "miracle" vitamins - vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, thiamin, and niacin all have such a sorry history. Regular intermittant demonstrations of miracles followed by insignificant changes in behavior. Societies throughout the ages have resisted mastering these key nutrients over and over again. Vitamin C rich food were demonstrated to prevent scurvy countless times before the lesson was learned. Millions and millions died needlessly. A good short history of the sorry tale can be found here.

Similar stories can be found for the other vitamins associated with deficiency diseases. If you want specifics, leave me a comment and I'll write more.

Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, thiamin, and niacin are difficult to use. They are miraculously effective only in highly unusual circumstances. Many people in good health experience substantial discomforts when taking the doses of these vitamins used in typical "miracle" examples. We are programmed to remember - and not repeat - incidences like this which are fairly characterized as food poisoning. In fact, I can't think of a more accurate characterization than food poisoning.

I believe it is vital for everyone to watch the video and then to ask themselves - how much vitamin C are the children in my family getting? Do they get more when they have a cold or other viral infection? Do they get more if they have cavities? If they are obese? If they have learning disabilities? If they are recovering from scrapes, burns, bruises, etc? For the typical family, the answer is no.

I'm at a loss to solve this problem. But I can say for sure that focussing attention on folks in critical care dying of swine flu isn't the answer. If we're afraid to give 2000 mg of orange flavored vitamin C "candy" to toddlers, we sure ought to be afraid to inject 100,000 mg through a needle into the veins of a dying man.

"Innocuous" cold viruses are taking a heavy toll on children every day. Occasionally these viruses take kids and adults to the edge of death and beyond. If any child or adult you know has a cold, there's much to gain and nothing to lose by following the doses I recommend of vitamin C, vitamin D, thiamin, niacin, and vitamin A. These are found found here and here.


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