Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vitamin D Toxicity: Lots of Sunshine Can Be a Problem

Many people getting alot of sunshine are highly sensitive to vitamin D. I've collected multiple reports of serious vitamin D side effects at doses of less than 1000 IU from people getting plenty of sunshine. This isn't 1000 IU/day. This is 1000 IU once. This is way way below the Food and Nutrition Board's toxicity threshold of 2000 IU/day.

These reports are reliable and make sense. Regular exposure to full body sunshine produces large daily doses of vitamin D in the skin. Even a small additional dose can be sufficient to instigate side effects when the body is already operating at a maximum dosage.

This isn't going to happen to everyone - everyone is different. But this effect isn't rare. If you get alot of sunshine, you have to expect side effects from vitamin D supplements even at low doses.

Reports of side effects from readers have been highly insightful. If you're reading this site because you've experienced vitamin D side effects - please tell your story even if it is exactly the same as previous comments. We need to know which stories are common and which ones are unusual.

Thanks to all.