Saturday, October 24, 2009

Can The Healthcare Industry Denial Machine Help Anorexia and Cavity Prevention with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Niacin, and Thiamine?

As part of the healthcare debate, I hear regular interviews with healthcare industry representatives who claim that there is no epidemic of childhood mental health problems (autism, ADHD, eating disorders, depression....) and there is no epidemic of cancer. On the contrary, the apparent epidemic is really just a result of improved medical care. Today we have tests and treatments to make people healthier and as a result are diagnosing problems more frequently.

Do you have cancer? Aren't you pleased to know that if you had been alive 100 years ago you wouldn't have had cancer? Your symptoms would have been dismissed as normal aging! Three of four grandparents in my nuclear family have had cancer. One of them has had two separate types of cancer. Who is alive today without a parent or grandparent in the family with cancer? This is supposed to be a result of longer life expectancy and better detection? Nonsense!

Far more tragic, the epidemic of childhood mental health problems is relegating millions of children to a lifetime of reduced expectations. Marginally functional adults profoundly weaken our society as a whole. Many adults in my wife's family teach in the primary schools and many teach special education classes. The need for special education is stretching the resources of school districts nation wide. This is not about over diagnosis. Educators dislike labeling and segregating children and make every effort to keep children in the mainstream. Despite their best efforts, enrollment in special education classes is relentlessly rising.

Mainstream medicine has no incentive to call attention to this epidemic. Many kids in special education classes start taking multiple drugs early and provide a steady stream of income to doctors and drug companies for decades. The medical industry now depends upon a steady supply of these children to meet their payrolls.

Vitamins are not a reliable cure for cancer, childhood mental health problems, or many of the other epidemics associated with modern life. Most of these problems, however, are correlated with cavities. Vitamins do prevent cavities. Read more here andhere.

Don't believe medical industry spokesmen claiming that modern medicine is saving us from problems that we were doomed to have because of genetic vulnerabilities. The vast majority of individuals have fantastic genes entitling them to a long and healthy life. The problem is usually with diet and toxins in the environment. The most important components of the diet are the four vitamins associated with deficiency diseases - vitamin C, vitamin D, niacin, and thiamine. If you are looking for good doses to start with, click here.

Today's children are entitled to a long and healthy life unencumbered by drugs, tests, procedures, and doctor visits. If you're concerned about the health of children in your family, there is much to gain and almost nothing to lose by providing them with ample doses of vitamin C, vitamin D (from sunshine is safer than from supplements), niacin, and thiamine.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Can My Dog's Story Help Prevent Anorexia and Cavities with Vitamins?

Optimal doses of vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin C, and vitamin D prevent cavities and anorexia. Read more here andhere. If you are looking for good doses to start with, click here. Unfortunately, most readers believe this statement is too good to be true and will not change their behavior. As a result, the ongoing epidemic of anorexia and cavities continues.

So - maybe the story of my dog can help. Four years ago my (at the time 7 year old dog) was in poor health. Her knees were deteriorating and she had started on Prevacox - an arthritis medicine. She was having difficulting getting up and down the stairs. To address this problem, she had her right back knee operated on in 2006 and her left back knee operated on in early 2007. The operations provided substantial relief but she remained on Prevacox and continued to have trouble getting up and down the stairs. In late 2007 she had a cancerous growth on her face. It was a bad one. The dog oncologist insisted that she needed radiation. The vet felt multiple operations to remove the expected future growths were more humane. She weighed close to 60 pounds (at least 10 pounds overweight) and we were instructed to reduce how much we fed her to get her to loose weight. At this point I put her on the vitamins that I recommend for the children: 800 IU vitamin D, 1000 mg vitamin C, 125 mg time release niacin, and 100 mg of thiamine. I gave her this dose every day for 3 months. The result was astonishing. I took her off the Prevacox and she stopped having problems getting up and down the stairs. The energy she had when she was a puppy returned. The vets will back me up 100%. Four months ago she came down with a bad case of intestinal disease. As a result, the vet recommended we put her on an egg and rice diet while she was on the medication she needed. I did so. She improved dramatically but still had soft stools when the medication was completed so I kept her on the egg and rice diet. As the days went by, some voice inside me resisted returning her to her regular dog food. I kept her on the egg and rice (and vitamin) diet. Over the course of 8 weeks, she lost 10 lbs. She is now leaping in and out of our Honda CRV and trotting up the stairs. These two simple changes - adding vitamins and switching from dog food to egg and rice have reverse aged my dog. She is now 11 - old for a dog her size - and is in far better shape than when she was 6.

There is no question that the only significant change in my dog's life was the vitamins and the switch to egg and rice. She lives in the same house, takes the same walks, lies around in the same spots. The life of a dog just isn't very complicated. I (and my family) know what happened and why, and so do both vets who take care of her and the four assistants who work with them.

Why is this relevant? It's hard to believe that lack of vitamins and a poor diet can really be the root cause of cavities and anorexia. My dog's amazing recovery from multiple problems (bad joints, cancer, and obesity) proves how effective vitamins can be. My "prove it isn't true" list is limited to vitamins and cavities. Bad joints, cancer, and obesity aren't on the list because the evidence that vitamins are effective for these three problems isn't compelling yet. Lots of people with bad joints, cancer, and obesity try vitamins and don't get better. My dog's case is also relevant because it shows just how hard it is to create change even when presented with overwhelming evidence. It also shows how easy it is to be bamboozled by commercial interests.

How on earth did we all get persuaded to feed our dogs commercial dog food from cans and bags? Eggs are terrific food for carnivores like dogs. What do you think is better food for a dog - fresh eggs or that dry stuff that's stored in a bag a room temperature for months at a time? But everyone feeds dogs from the bag. Not feeding dog food to a dog just doesn't feel right. There are no adds on TV encouraging you to feed your dog wholesome foods like fresh eggs. There's no profit to be had teaching people to find wholesome real foods for their dogs. Instead, industry is trying to extract a steady revenue stream from your dog and get your dog on pills and commercial dog food. Commercial advertising has a powerful influence upon us. Few readers will change upon reading my words and the health of dogs will suffer. If people won't switch commercial, manufactured dog food for fresh eggs because of social pressure created and reinforced by advertising, they certainly won't feed their dogs the vitamins I recommend - an unheard of behavior.

Wholesome food and vitamin supplements for children and dogs will become the norm - I just don't know when. At some point the behavior will nucleate in a community and spread quickly as the large middle ground of followers will do what they do - follow. When they do, the prevalence of cavities and anorexia (and many associated illnesses) will drop dramatically. There's much to gain and almost nothing to lose by trying vitamin C, vitamin D, thiamine, and niacin.