Saturday, November 10, 2007

Vitamins May Help Prevent Heavy Metal (e.g. mercury) Poisoning

Awareness about the danger to children from heavy metal pollution is on the rise. There are many recent articles are focusing on mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. Look here, here, here,and here. Mercury concentrates in fish. The form of mercury found in fish is acutely toxic to the youngest members of our society (both before and after birth). The form of mercury found in fish is known to cause brain damage. Levels of mercury in fish are rising because mercury emissions from industrial activity are continuously adding to the already dangerously high levels of mercury in the nation’s lakes and streams. The percentage of children requiring special education services has risen dramatically and is approaching ten percent. At some point the public will realize that there is a clear connection between these two trends.
Several previous blog entries address this issue. I asserted that vitamin supplements may protect growing children from heavy metal poisoning. Recently, the OMNS published an authoritative press release that reached the same conclusion. The press release documents extensive recent scientific studies proving that vitamins protect growing animals from heavy metals poisoning.
I have devoted two recent columns to the scientific evidence that extraordinarily high doses of vitamin C and niacin have been scientifically proven to heal wounds. I believe that the damage caused to the nervous system by heavy metals can be characterized as wounds. In many cases, I believe the wounds caused by the presence of heavy metal poisons can be healed.
Vitamin C and niacin are safe. I raised my children from the ages of 1 and 3 using vitamin C, niacin, and multivitamin supplements. All families should be afraid of the danger posed to their children by heavy metal pollution. All parents should consider niacin, vitamin C, and multivitamin supplements for their children. The children have much to gain and almost nothing to lose.


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n- acetyl cysteine can help clear heavy metal toxicity.


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