Tuesday, August 16, 2005

America: An Allergic Nation?

A report on a new study at WebMD states:

A nationwide health survey shows that 54% of Americans aged 6 to 59 had a positive skin allergy test to at least one of 10 common allergy triggers, known as allergens.


People who had a positive skin allergy test to one allergen had allergies to an average of three to five allergens in total.

So, more than half the population of the U.S. showed allergic reactions to an average of three to five substances. Whenever a health issue is so widespread my first inclination is to ask “what is it about our modern society that is different from our heritage that might give a clue to this problem?” An allergic reaction is an exaggerated immune system inflammatory response. And what is lacking in our modern diet that could quench this inflammatory response? You’ re ahead of me here, aren’t you? It’s vitamin C in adequate quantities.

This correlates well. Most everyone is deficient in their vitamin C intake and allergic reactions are extremely common (especially when you, correctly, include asthma).

So take your C and increase your dose whenever you get an allergic reaction.


At 4:40 PM, Blogger Bullwinkle99 said...

I have been taking over 6 grams of vitamin C for 20 years. In the last six years I have developed a skin allergy to Pepper and certain sea foods. I am wondering if my vitamin C regimen has contributed to the problem. I wonder if anyone else is in my boat. I would rather not go without vitamin C. It was terrible to be without it when I went on a lamb rice chicken diet to determine what I was allergic to.


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